About Carole


Carole McClellan is an American designer who is noted for her use of leather and repurposed fur. She began her career professionally in the late 1970’s when she moved to Seattle from the Sun Valley, Idaho area to be discovered by Ann Wilson of Heart for whom she designed and fabricated memorable and much photographed rock and roll looks and continues to do such to this day.

Her designs can be found in stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and 35 specialty shops across America including Mario’s and Butch Blum. Currently, Finerie Style Studio in Seattle offers a variety of unique pieces. Her styles are also available direct from her Atelier or online.

Influenced by popular culture, she has developed her own signature designs for men and women, selling to private clients as well as design for music and film including Toni Collette, Tom Hanks, Chris Cornell, Priscilla Presley as well as many other celebrities.

The 2003 Young Designers Pavilion at Le Cuir a Paris was home to many innovative designers, but American Carole stood out. Her collection of stretch leather sportswear accented by luxurious Orylag fur caught the eye and seduced French audiences with its creative and unique styles.

She was the winning designer of “The Independent Designer Runway” at the Bellevue Collection in 2012. The collection consisted of fabrics reproduced from original art by Juan Alonso-Rodriquez, leathers, fish leathers, and repurposed furs.

Martha E Castro from Rockstar Jewelry designed the custom jewelry. The collection theme was "2000 Lightyears from Home" as a tribute to the Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary.

In 2016 Carole was introduced to the sector of Industrial Design. She currently is listed on 4 group utility and design patents. Seasonally, Carole is available for original, made-to-measure couture leather, re-purposed fur garments, fur restyling as well as Industrial Design Ventures.